2022 RoboCup in Bangkok (THA)

The results of the 2022 RoboCup have been published!

RoboCup 2022 Industrial Logistics League  ( Physical competition)
July 11 till 17, 2022                                                                                                        https://2022.robocup.org/

Call For Participation RCLL 2022


With both competitive and research aspects, the RoboCup Logistics League aims to demonstrate the possibilites of a future Smart Factory. With the concept of „Industry 4.0″ in mind, production steps have to be divided into actions executable by robots, thus making their automation possible. These actions have to be planned and coordinated fully autonomously by the robots.

The RCLL strives to promote research and development on the intralogistic challenges of future production processes. For this purpose the competition is held in an exemplary factory setting where an abstract product consisting of bases, rings and caps can be produced.

As the RoboCup 2022 is scheduled to be conducted on-site the changes to the rulebook considering the main challenge along with the challenge track take place this year.


The challenges added to the full RCLL game in 2021 have shown to fine grain the individual capabilities of competing teams. The purpose of the challenge track is on the one side to give newcomer teams a better chance to compete in challenges that inherit from the main track but focus on particular aspects such as navigation, grasping and exploration.

In contrast to the main track the challenge track will be conducted in a 5m x 5m field with onyl 4 machines required. Each challenge is conducted as single player games in order to emphasize the aspect of the particular challenge.

To address the interest of all teams each challenge is conducted in different difficulty grades.To qualify for the main track the teams have to participate in a qualification day that takes place on site.

The total points gathered within the challenge track are accumulated and the team with the most points wins this track.

To cease the platform requirements this year’s rulebook changes also introduce more flexibility in terms of the robotic platform of use. The common Robotino platform is not required for the challenge track.

The challenge track is focused on entry-level competitions and should kick-start new teams to prospectively compete in the main track.


The rule changes to the main track are as follows:

Combine exploration and production phase:

  • A 20-minute production phase will be conducted with a ground-truth information on the machine positions are sent 3 minutes after the match started. Hence machines can be used before receiving the ground-truth.
  • Add option for markerless detection: A team may choose to play with markers containing no machine info. The detection of the machine type and position is based on its appearance. To distinguish between machines of equal type (Ring- Capstation 1 and 2) the particular machine name is revealed if type and position is correct.
  • Changes to the order schedule: Products of higher complexity can now be fulfilled with more options.


All interested teams must submit a Team description paper (TDP) in order to qualify. The TDP is limited to 8 pages and must be formatted according to the LNCS format:


Deadline for Submission is 31.05.2022.

Part of the Qualification process is a two part workshop on RefBox setup and operation, this workshop is mandatory for at least one teammember from each registered team. The first part of the workshop consists of a tutorial and the second part of a practical exam with attendees demonstrating operation of the RefBox. If you fail the exam you have to repeat it. You will get a new schedule for it. This process is necessary due to the virtual nature of the event and ensures that every team can participate in a fair manner.

Optional Qualification Materials include a Team Video and a Team Poster to encourage exchange between teams.


For the official registration you must do a pre-registration.

Deadline for Pre-registration is 15.05.2022.

The pre-registration must be done via Email to: robocup-logistics-oc@lists.kbsg.rwth-aachen.de and must include:

  • Team Name:
  • Country:
  • Affiliation:
  • Team Leader Name:
  • Team Contact information (E-mail):
  • Team Web site:

The e-mail subject should be: [RoboCupLogisticsLeague20xx-Participation] (YourTeamName)    link to the qualification material


You can find the recent rulebook [here].