Team names:

Baby Tigers-R ( Ryukoku University, Japan)

Carologistics  ( RWTH Aachen, Germany)

GRIPS ( Graz University of Technology, Austria)

NaraSuzako ( Nara-Suzako Senior High School, Japan)

SOLIDUS ( Technical College of Apllied Sciences, Switzerland)

WhiteLobster (Yokkaichi Technical High School, Japan)


Schedule of Games:
There are seven types of challenges , see the rulebook .
Each team can order a time slot of 30 minutes to do a challenge.
During this time slot they can repeat the challenge but only the last attempt will count.

The teams will provide videos of their  tasks.

Baby Tigers-R, NaraSuzako, WhiteLobster:  video-link

SOLIDUS:  video-link

GRIPS:  video-link

Carologistics:  video-link

June 23

Baby Tigers_R Navigation Challenge         Time slots (UTC time): 00:30, 02:45, 05:00, 07:15 (a.m.)
NaraSuzako     :  Exploration Challenge_Easy   Time slots (UTC time): 00:30, 02:45, 05:00, 07:15 (a.m.)
WhiteLobster   :  Exploration Challenge_Easy   Time slots (UTC time): 01:15, 03:30, 05:45, 08:00 (a.m.)
SOLIDUS:          Exploration_Easy             Time slots (UTC time): 02:00 (p.m.) 
                  Navigation Challenge         Time slots (UTC time): 04:00 (p.m.)
GRIPS:            Exploration                  Time slots (UTC time): 02:00 (p.m.) 
                  Navigation                   Time slots (UTC time): 03:00 (p.m.)
Carologistics:    Navigation_Difficult         Time slots (UTC time): 12:00 (p.m.)
                  Pick&Place_Difficult         Time slots (UTC time): 02:00 (p.m.)
                  Production C0                Time slots (UTC time): 04:00 (p.m.)

June 24

Time schedule uses CET-time:

Baby Tigers_R Navigation Challenge          10:10, 12:10, 14:10, 16:10, 18:10
SOLIDUS:         Navigation_medium             14:00 
                 Navigation_ hard              15:00 
                 Exploration_medium            17:00
                 Exploration_hard              18:00
GRIPS:           Exploration                   13:00 
                 Navigation                    15:00
                 Grasping                      17:00
Carologistics:  Navigation_Difficult           10:00 
                Markerless Detection           12:00
                Grasping_hard                  14:00
                Production C0                  18:00 
                Production C1                  20:30