2022 – Results

RoboCup WorldWide – Results

Registered TeamCountryFurther information
BabyTigers-RJPOnly 1 contestant due to Covid restrictions
2022 Registered Teams

Pretext: Due Covid induced reduced number in size it was decided to reduce cost by only shipping half of the competition court to Bangkok. As a result you will see humans interacting with dummy machines (without lid up signal). This is intended.

Schedule of Games:
Teams are able to chose to remain inside the Challenge Track(TC) or to complete a minimums set of Challenges to qualify for the Main Track (MT)

There are six types of challenges , see the rulebook chapter 8.2 and following.
Each team can order a time slot of 30 minutes to do a challenge.
During this time slot they can repeat the challenge but only the last attempt will count.

For this physical events, detailed logfiles will be proof of completion and stored for later use.

At July 13th all four teams decided to aim for the Main Track. In order to qualify for the Main track, the Production challenge must be cleared first with easiest complexity of C0.

Due to damages to the robot, BabyTigers were forced to conceed the challenge.

July 13th and 14th:  Training and Qualification time

Teams were able to reserve training slots and complete challenges freely. Completing challenges requires at least one referee of the other teams present to confirm legitimacy of the result. Results will be posted here after the RoboCup.

Registered TeamCountryQualified for
Main Track
Completed Challenges
BabyTigers-RJPNoWithdrawn due to damaged robot
Carologistics (DE)DEYesC3
GRIPSATYesC0, Navigation

July 15th:  Main Track ( Time schedule uses Bangkok Time (GMT+7 / CEST+5)

Each game consists of:

20 minutes setup

20 minutes game

20 minutes post game / buffer

As the result: A match starting 10 am will start Production at 10:20.

TimeTeam MagentaTeam CyanScoreWinner
10 – 11SolidusCarologistics0(+4-5) : 225Carologistics
11 – 12SolidusGRIPS0(+2-5) : 36GRIPS
12 – 13GRIPSCarologistics36 : 10GRIPS
14 – 15CarologisticsSolidus69 : 49Carologistics
15 – 16GRIPSSolidus57 : 1 (6-5)GRIPS
16 – 17CarologisticsGRIPS0 : 218GRIPS
Main Track Group Stage

3rd Place: Solidus (HTFM Biel from Switzerland)

GRIPS and Carologistics advance to Grand Final.

17:15 16th after finals – Open Challenge (Teams: BabyTigers R, GRIPS, Carologistics)

July 16th:  Grand Final ( Time schedule uses Bangkok Time (GMT+7 / CEST+5)

Grand final is carried out as Best of 5. First team to reach 3 wins is the winner.

Each game consists of:

20 minutes setup, 20 minutes game and 20 minutes post game / buffer

As the result: A match starting 10 am will start Production at 10:20.

TimeTeam MagentaScoreTeam Cyan
9:40GRIPS56 : 48Carologistics
10:30GRIPS148 : 151Carologistics
12:00Carologistics133 : 36GRIPS
13:00Carologistics71 : 38GRIPS
Grand Final Best of 5

Final results

2nd - GRIPS from TU Graz (Austria)

1st - Carologistics from FH and RWTH Aachen (Germany)

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