The rule book of the RCLL contains the rules and regulations teams participating in the competitions
have to follow. They are updated every year to reflect the progress and development of the league.
Typically we aim to have a 2-year cycle of the rulebook, with larger changes introduced in one year
and only smaller changes to stabilize and adjust in the following year.

Rulebook 2022:

Here you will find the rulebook for the RoboCup in 2022

Here you find the detailed changes to the past years: Download

Rulebook 2019:

The TC-committee is preparing the new rulebook.


We have made our discussions more transparent by moving to Github. With learnings from last year
we also balanced and improved rules to grant more exciting competition and more room to show excellence.
Also we have integrated a couple of technical changes to our infrastructure, using the latest developments
in the Smart Factory domain.

Here you find the detailed changes to last year: Download

Rulebook 2018:


You will find earlier versions of the rulebook in  HISTORY