RoboCup International

RoboCup 2021 Industrial Logistics League  ( Virtual competition)
June 22 to 27, 2021


Call For Participation RCLL 2021


With both competitive and research aspects, the RoboCup Logistics League aims to demonstrate the possibilites of a future Smart Factory. With the concept of „Industry 4.0“ in mind, production steps have to be divided into actions executable by robots, thus making their automation possible. These actions have to be planned and coordinated fully autonomously by the robots.

The RCLL strives to promote research and development on the intralogistic challenges of future production processes. For this purpose the competition is held in an exemplary factory setting where an abstract product consisting of bases, rings and caps can be produced.

This year, the competition will be held virtually. The rules have been adapted accordingly to create an exciting and challenging event. The event is split into two categories:

  1. Main competition consisting of various challenges
  2. Mock-Up RCLL

The main competition will be played on mock-up machines and on a 5x5m² field. Mock-up machines can be assembled by the teams, according to the specifications found in the rulebook.
We have split up the full RCLL game into 5 challenges which represent the main difficulties of the normal game, but can be executed on a smaller scale:

  1. Navigation Challenge, navigating through a given set of waypoints
  2. Exploration Challenge, finding and correctly identifying production machines
  3. Grasping Challenge, robust workpiece manipulation
  4. CX Production, following a production plan and successfully delivering a product
  5. Markerless Detection, detecting and labeling a machine without the usual AR-Tags (Dataset:
  6. (optional) Merged Exploration and CX Production, explore the field and start production as soon as you can
  7. (optional) Planning competition, use a set of defined robot actions to plan an entire RCLL game

The Mock-Up RCLL will follow the normal RCLL rules with two major exceptions:

  1. a reduced playing field of 5x5m²
  2. only Cyan machines are placed on the field


  1. Room to host a 5x5m² playing field
  2. 1-3 Festo Robotino based robots
  3. 2-7 Mock-up stations
  4. Computer to host a RefBox
  5. Camera Setup to record and stream challenges

Important : The camera setup will be examined on 15.06.2021 by the Organizational Committee to ensure sufficient visibility of the RefBox, Robots and stations to validate the challenge score.



All interested teams must submit a Team description paper (TDP) in order to qualify. The TDP is limited to 8 pages and must be formatted according to the LNCS format:

Deadline for Submission is 31.05.2021.

Part of the Qualification process is a two part workshop on RefBox setup and operation, this workshop is mandatory for at least one teammember from each registered team. The first part of the workshop consists of a tutorial and the second part of a practical exam with attendees demonstrating operation of the RefBox. If you fail the exam you have to repeat it. You will get a new schedule for it. This process is necessary due to the virtual nature of the event and ensures that every team can participate in a fair manner.

Optional Qualification Materials include a Team Video and a Team Poster to encourage exchange between teams.



For the official registration you must do a pre-registration.

Deadline for Pre-registration is 15.05.2021.

The pre-registration must be done via Email to: and must include:

  • Team Name:
  • Country:
  • Affiliation:
  • Team Leader Name:
  • Team Contact information (E-mail):
  • Team Web site:
  • The e-mail subject should be: [RoboCupLogisticsLeague20xx-Participation] (YourTeamName)
  • link to the qualification material

Here you can download a first version of   rulebook 2021 . The new version will be published in short.